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Purple Cheech

Purple Cheech is a variant strain cultivated by Connoisseur Genetics. It is rich in delicious flavors and will definitely offer you a pleasurable experience.

Flavor and Effects of Purple Cheech

The flavors of this cannabis strain are Earthy, Lemon, Orange, Fruity, Sweet, and Citrusy. Its wide range of flavors is accompanied by a hint of diesel flora as well as a little bit of bubble gum or flowery thanks to its parental strains.

It takes the user into an uplifting, euphoric high that is guaranteed to make the user happy, energized, and relaxed.

Medical Benefits of Purple Cheech

This strain is perfect for those who are stressed, depressed, in pain, tired, or suffering from headaches. The plant’s uplifting effects erase negative thoughts, relieving your stress and depression, even your headaches.

Its ability to make you feel relaxed also eases your physical pain. This plant also has energizing properties that help those who are feeling lethargic.

Negative Effects of Purple Cheech

This strain may trigger paranoia if the user is unfamiliar with strains that offer unique effects that they have never experienced before. More commonly, it causes dry eyes and dry mouth that leads to dehydration. Sometimes, it may cause dizziness as well.

Growing Purple Cheech 

This strain is yet another perfect beginner grower’s strain. It can be grown indoors and outdoors and prefers a mild and dry Mediterranean type of climate. Using a hydroponic growth technique is also recommended.

Best Place To Buy Purple Cheech

Exceptional (9.7)
Excelent (9.5)
Excelent (9.5)
Excelent (9.5)
Excelent (9.5)

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