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Purple Bubba Crack

Purple Bubba Crack is an indica dominant hybrid cultivated by Riot Seeds and it can offer you a soul cleansing and body relaxing yet energizing type of experience.

Flavor and Effects of Purple Bubba Crack

The flavors of this cannabis strain are Spicy, Fruity, Piney, Sour and Earthy. The combination of these flavors bring upon a strong, calming effect. It clears your mind and this effect helps relax your body.

It helps you stay focused and gives you a well-balanced energizing boost, one that doesn’t make you all too hyper, but instead, cerebrally and physically active. Promotes creativity and improves your appetite.

Medical Benefits of Purple Bubba Crack

This strain can help against anxiety and stress. If you need something to uplift your spirits without becoming sleepy, this strain will help you out. It clears away your worries. As it relaxes the body, it also helps relieve bodily pains and promote appetite gain to counter eating disorders.

Negative Effects of Purple Bubba Crack

The strain can cause dry eyes and dry mouth which could lead to dehydration. It may also trigger anxiety when taken in unadvisable dosage level, even though it is known to work well against it. 

Growing Purple Bubba Crack 

This strain can be grown easily even by novice growers. It has a short flowering time like many cannabis strains and needs to be properly trimmed to prepare for its fast growth. It prefers to be under the temperatures of 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Feeding it with sufficient amount of nutrients during the first stages of the flowering period can help ensure its growth and may help you achieve its maximum potential yield.

Best Place To Buy Purple Bubba Crack

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