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Purple Berry

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This strain does well if grown in a sunny Mediterranean climate. Created in Holland in the middle 90s by Gage Green Genetics, this strain has a great medical effect. The cross-breeding of Joseph with a cross of California Orange will produce this cannabis. It has a different variation of phenotypes having heavy conical branches.

This Hybrid has orange and lemon aromas which make it offer a buzzing effect that will propel you to greater daily strength and productivity. Known for its medium-sized stem, planting and maintaining this strain is not that difficult. Best consumed during the night time for maximum satisfaction.

 Flavor and Effects of the Purple Berry

It will leave you with a lasting flavour of citrus, pine and fruity. This Hybrid will present you with a euphoric and relaxing effect which will offer you a deep sleep while making you forget all your sorrows. Whether vaped or smoked, this powerful strain will leave you hyper while energizing and uplifting you for greater productivity. Other effects to expect from this strain are a happy and agile effect. expect sedative effects after a heavy dose.

 Medical Benefits of the Purple Berry

It is very effective in the management of chronic pain, fatigue, and anxiety. This strain is very effective in the treatment of chronic stress, vomiting, nausea, loss of memory, loss of appetite, inflammation, insomnia and movement disorder like arthritis. People suffering from depression (seasonal and non-seasonal), and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or attention deficit disorder will find this Hybrid very useful.

Negative Effects of the Purple Berry

This strain can cause the following on you; headaches, dry mouth, dry-itchy eyes and restlessness. This strain has a high level of THC content and as such, it can cause mild to severe paralysis, paranoia, high fever, high blood pressure, coma (in extreme case) and dizziness.

 Growing Purple Berry strain

Weekly trimming of the flowers is advised. Harvesting starts from 7 to 9 weeks after growing it. It does well if grown indoors, however, in some place or situations, it is grown outdoors, which is dependent on the type of soil and weather conditions of the place. Daily watering of the plant strain is recommendable where there is an insufficient supply of water. In a situation whereby the soil is not fertile enough to give large yield, fertilizer application may be used to improve the growth and yield of this hybrid. The germination period of this strain is between 03 to 06 days after its planting. For the best growth and yield of this hybrid, it should be grown in a well-lighted place, with good soil, and best weather condition. Monitoring of the plant strain to checkmate the attacks of pest and other herbivorous animals are necessary.