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Purple Aurora

Purple Aurora

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Bred by Alaska Built, Purple Aurora is a crossing of Purple Kush and Purple Auto. Its fragrance is dank, musky, sweet, and woody. It grows round light green nugs with purple undertones and red-orange hairs coated by purplish crystal trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Purple Aurora

Purple Aurora is a flavorful concoction of fruits and berries on the inhale. A woody hash is revealed on the exhale. A sweet and woody aftertaste lingers afterward.

Purple Aurora brings euphoria, happiness, uplifted mood, and a stimulated and clear mind. Complete body relaxation follows. You will feel hungry, as well. It is best used in the evening and nighttime.

Medical Benefits of Purple Aurora

Medically speaking, Purple Aurora is good for people who suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, pain, muscle tension, spasms, nausea, and insomnia. Its analgesic, anxiolytic, mood-lifting, stimulating, and relaxing properties are perfect for the above mentioned medical conditions.

Negative Effects of Purple Aurora.

Purple Aurora manifests with side effects such as the dry mouth and dry, itchy eyes. An increase in fluid intake is advised to mitigate the reactions. Keep an eye moisturizer handy to soothe those irritated eyes. Dizziness along with anxiety, may happen. Moderation in marijuana consumption is advised.

Growing Purple Aurora

This plant grows both indoors and outdoors. It is easy to grow even by novices. Purple Aurora loves a sunny and dry outdoor climate. Appearance-wise, it is bushy and thick. It is best that you plant it in a spacious area. Prune it once in a while. While it is resistant to common molds and mildew, do watch out for pests that can damage the plant.