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Pure Zamal

Pure Zamal

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Pure Zamal’s is a sativa dominant strain cultivated by Ape Origin and boasts high THC levels with superb flavor quality.

Flavor and Effects of Pure Zamal

This strain will allow you to taste an interestingly wide variety of flavors such as: mango, sweet carrot, apple and lemon. Woody and spicy flavors will be the aftertaste.

This strain is potent enough to put you through an invigorating experience sometimes ending in powerful physical boot, making it best consumed during daytime.

Medical Benefits of Pure Zamal

It is expected from a true-blooded Sativa strain to be beneficial in treating anxiety and depression. It can also improve the ability to focus and boost your creativity because of its energizing effect.

It also has powerful analgesic effects making the user feel less pain. Finally, it can boost appetite and is essentially helpful in treating eating disorders.

Negative Effects of Pure Zamal

Due to its stimulating impact in the body, consumption in higher dosages may lead to insomnia especially when used during night time. Psychedelic effects may also occur but often times users can experience paranoia (especially when consumed in abnormal dosages) and cognitive impairment.

Growing Pure Zamal

This strain can develop into large plants measuring quite high in terms of height and dimension. When planted outdoors, it should receive plenty of light, must be watered sufficiently, and better if fertilized.

Most growers harvest directly from the plant without having to cut the leaves because it can provide numerous harvests overtime. When indoor planting is considered, trimming and topping should be done to prevent some parts of it from withering away.