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Pure Mighty Mite

Pure Mighty Mite is an Indica dominant hybrid strain. If you are looking for a strong potent indica with massive colas, then this is for you. 

Flavor and Effects of Pure Mighty Mite

The flavors of this cannabis strain are stinky, pine, and earthy. This strain has an aroma that provides a long-lasting, strong body effect that leaves users feeling relaxed, sleepy, and euphoric.

It gives a soothing high that is superb to play around with, especially at night. Its super calming effect can make you drowsy, depending on the usage. 

Medical Benefits of Pure Mighty Mite

This strain is one of the most relaxing cannabis there is. It may also help reduce pain and heal inflammations. The strain can also be used as a mild antidepressant and can be effective against lessening the severity of insomnia.

Some users with eating disorders or lack of appetite may also become encouraged to eat after using the strain.

Negative Effects of Pure Mighty Mite

The strain can cause dry eyes and mouth, dizziness, headache, anxiety, and sometimes paranoia may occur just like other common cannabis strains. 

Growing Pure Mighty Mite 

This plant is known to be an auto-flowering plant and takes about 14 days to germinate. If you plant this around the end of May, it will be ready for you around the beginning of October. It can be grown indoors for 24 hours under continuous light. However, cloning is not recommended. It’s best to keep a watchful eye on them always and make sure insects and fungus are prevented.

Best Place To Buy Pure Mighty Mite

Exceptional (9.7)
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