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Puna Buddaz

This is a legendary strain that carries Hawaiian landrace genetics. It came to popularity around the ’60s and the ’70s. This weed has been grown at the Red Road in Puna District of the Big Island for generations. It produces shimmering Hawaiian flowers. It can withstand tropical monsoon downpour that happens in its origin place.

It is not for the faint of heart as it is a powerful psychedelic strain. It is the number one strain when it comes to being mold resistant.

Flavor and Effects of Puna Buddaz

It’s a super sweet strain with some spiciness from tropical fruits and there’s a hint of skunk sourness on the exhale. The first hit will be the cerebral effect and you will feel hazy to sedation. Then, you feel slightly uplifted with your airy mind. The body high will come up and it will put you into slight sedation.

Medical Benefits of Puna Buddaz

It can be a cure for chronic pain, inflammation, and cramps. It is also capable of lowering symptoms of stress and other mental disorders. This strain has properties to alleviate the nauseous feeling.

Negative Effects of Puna Buddaz

The minor side effects are dry, itchy eyes and dry mouth. Others may experience dizziness and anxiety after taking this weed but these are just rare occurrences.

Growing Puna Buddaz

It can flourish indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse and it prefers mild temperatures and moderate humidity. This strain’s trait of being highly resistant to molds is impressive as it isn’t infected even after a downpour. It stays sturdy in rainy seasons but it still produces massive trichomes and resin.