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Pukka Skunk

Pukka Skunk

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This weed has a great even branching; the leaves showcase dark green hues that turn purple as she grows, and the dark purple buds are shaped like popcorn, apron with amber hairs, and blanketed with trichomes. Pukka Skunk was created by Pukka Seeds because of popular demand; hence, they combine the Super Skunk with the Super Silver Haze.

Flavor and Effects of Pukka Skunk

The strong taste of skunk blends harmoniously with its sour citrus flavor and releasing some hints of spices. Once you exhale the smoke, a sweet woody aftertaste emerges.

This is a great daytime weed to keep your head clear and focuses. The cerebral effect will provide a significant amount of energy and will boost creative thoughts while keeping you happy and chill.

Medical Benefits of Pukka Skunk

Individuals who are coping with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, PTSD, stress, or depression find the use of this strain beneficial for regulating symptoms of their disorder. It can also be used as a pain reliever for migraines, inflammation, and spine injuries.

Negative Effects of Pukka Skunk.

Almost a quarter of its users reports getting dry eyes from smoking this weed, and a greater number than that experienced having a dry mouth. The possibility of getting paranoid is also high since the Pukka Skunk has a high potency and, therefore, should be treated with respect.

Growing Pukka Skunk Some information and Tips

One disadvantage of cultivating this marijuana is that breeders have limited options. This hybrid strain is only suited for indoor growing since it is very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature and can attract most pests.

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