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Port Townsend Sour Diesel or also known as PTSD is a hybrid of Revival and Sour Diesel with one to one ratio, both of the strain is a sativa dominant.

Relatively, it has the same effects of Sour Diesel.

What are the Flavours and Effects of Port Townsend Sour Diesel Strain

It has a pungent odor and subtle hints of bubble gum. The unique high calms the racy effects of sour diesel. It balances out the effect of Sour Diesel, which has high doses of caffeine. The effect of using this strain is it makes you feel Euphoria and energetic uplifting effect.

Medical Benefits of Port Townsend Sour Diesel

Port Townsend Sour Diesel is used in treating a lack of Appetite and relieves pain. It is also used in treating conditions like depression and anxiety. It alleviates pain and makes you feel much more energetic and a calm high.

Negative affects you Can Expect from Port Townsend Sour Diesel Strain

Using Port Townsend Sour Diesel gives you cotton mouth the same effect when you use Sour Diesel.

Growing Port Townsend Sour Diesel Some information and Tips

Sativa dominant strain tends to grow tall, and it needs overhead space, it is good to have a dry environment for the strain to grow a moist climate may cause the growth of mold, mildew and may attract pests that live up into this kind of environment.