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Psychosis BX2

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This is another hybrid strain for the KGBeans Psychosis project, where dedicated breeders continue to excel and improve their hero strain. You’ll see some hints of dark purple on the blades of her forest green fan leaves, and flowers shimmer from all the trichomes blanketed over her, and few strands of orange pistils sprouts here and there. Psychosis BX2 is the result second backcross of the Psychosis rare clone. 

Flavor and Effects of Psychosis BX2

This magnificent cannabis exudes a combination of fruits and fresh berries with a spicy kick. The exhale has a sweet overtone with hints of skunk that will surely make you mouth water.

The effect has a heavy influence of Sativa that uplifts the mood. The cerebral buzz will keep the creativity flowing while making you giggle and charged with full-on energy. 

Medical Benefits of Psychosis BX2

One of the most significant features of this marijuana is its ability to combat symptoms of depression, stress, mood swings, PTSD, and bipolar disorder. Additionally, it can be used as a pain reliever for arthritis, muscle spasms, inflammation, and migraines. 

Negative Effects of Psychosis BX2.

The use of this specific weed can be too overwhelming to beginners; it may result in paranoia, especially those who happen to have a low tolerance. For regular users, it is typical to get the cottonmouth and dry eyes as a result of smoking, but some may still experience a slight headache before the high starts. 

Growing Psychosis BX2 

Like all other strains included in the psychosis line, these weed releases an unpleasant odor than can fill up any room inside the house, so setting up a carbon air filter is a must. This weed can also be cultivated outdoors, just make sure to provide proper measures against pests. 

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