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Psycho Crack

SickMeds Seeds is the company that yields the strain called Psycho crack. More importantly, this variety is a merging of two abominable strains known as Exodus Psychosis and Green Crack. It grows with moist pungent buds, which is potent for showing purple hues when in colder temperature. 

Besides, this strain appears with a pliable internode arrangement. It has more established nodes and shorter branches. 

Flavor and Effects of Psycho Crack

This type of cannabis gives off a unique dank aroma. Also, pungent odors are present in this variety. During its growth, the stems of this strain are rubbing even in the early phase. This will bring out the traces of skunky funkiness. 

Furthermore, when you touch this plant, a dirty and coarse skunk-like smell will remain on your fingers. There will also be scents of sweet fruits left underneath the layer of the skunky smell. Intake of this strain will bring about a renewed energy and inspired euphoria for the users.

Medical Benefits of Psycho Crack

The clinical advantages of this cannabis are of common grounds with other weed types. It could be great for pain relief, help control insomnia, and a great remedy for migraines.

What are the negative effects that you can expect from Psycho Crack

 This strain also has some negative effects, which include dry to cottonmouth not out thirst but as a negative result after being intoxicated with this type. 

 In addition, paranoia becomes the most unwanted effect of the intake of this cannabis variety.

 Growing Psycho Crack

Upon growing this strain, it is important to remember that it can easily grow indoor. On the contrary, outdoor planting requires a stable amount of sunlight and consistent temperature, which is between 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, this variety performs well if the SCROG set-up will be provided for its continuous growth.

This strain responds when trimmed since it will have broad leaves at the top of the plant. It will allow reaching the lower stalk and producing as many buds as possible. Moreover, the harvest period for this type is 60 to 65 days as it grows tall from 3 to 4 feet with lateral branching.



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