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Medical Seeds Co yields Prozack which is described as feminized seedings. Moreover, this plant variety is usually short in height but compact in volume. Its variety is a quickly blossoming plant which is considered to be Indica-dominant. 

Flavor and Effects of Prozack

When it comes to flavors, this cannabis has a wide array of tastes starting with a spicy aroma. This strain also yields with flavors such as pine and herbs to deliver that forest green feeling. Also, the other tangs this type has to include blooming floral tastes and even the fresh fruity aroma can be tasted from this sort. 

Furthermore, Prozack can affect the user who will then experience a slightly average headache, but it can assuredly make you feel relaxed, exhilarated, and even giggly happy to uplift moments of joy. 

Medical Benefits of Prozack

Without a doubt, this strain contains medical benefits such as body-calming advantages. Also, this variety can be used to numb varied kinds of physical pain in the skin, muscles, joints, and bones, even in the nerves. 

This type can extinguish the user’s irritability when taken in the medical amount. It also reduces body fatigue and helps improve your mood swings by enriching your mood rather than destroying or quickly shifting it.

What are the negative effects that you can expect from Prozack

However, this variety of weed, when taken in an unjustifiable amount, will give off negative effects including being spacy or the feeling of being detached from reality like your head is in the clouds. 

It can even create discombobulation or heavy confusion whether with reality or different emotions. Most of all, one of the negative effects of this strain would be the uneasy feeling of being frightened at the most unexpected times.

Growing Prozack

Growing this is not that tricky at all. Firstly, the indoor vegetative period for this strain is 3 to 4 weeks. Also, the indoor flowering period is at most 65 to 75 days. Moreover, the flowering production will surely yield 450g to 500g of this strain.

Best Place To Buy Prozack

Exceptional (9.7)
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Excelent (9.5)

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