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Private Reserve Afghan

Private Reserve Afghan comes from the lineage of Private Reserve and Afghan produced by Madcat’s Backyard Stash. It is characterized as a semi-auto flowering strain.

Moreover, it has pine green buds with dark brown pistils, white hairs, and trichomes which is the source of the satisfactory feeling of drinking a full pot of espresso in one sitting. This has an Indica anchor that keeps you from completely flying off the handle.

Flavor and Effects of the Private Reserve Afghan

Sniffing this releases an earthy pine taste and smell, which helps you to focus and achieved a relaxed mind. Its common effect is to be asleep, but for some it makes them crave for some food.

Medical Benefits of the Private Reserve Afghan

It is used not only to free your mind from hazy thoughts but also regulates sleeping habits and treats stress. It makes people focus especially on those who are struggling with ADHD in appropriate doses. Furthermore, it improves the appetite and provides relief on nausea.

What are the Negative Effects of Private Reserve Afghan

It triggers panic attacks to some people which is described by an unexpected occurrence of extreme fear. It is evident through relentless physical responses even there is no actual threat.

Also, for minor negative effects, it causes cottony and dry mouth and red eyes that signs of irritation.

Growing Private Reserve Afghan

You can cultivate this plant for 63 days either indoor or outdoor. Additionally, it can grow from average up to moderately tall and exhibit a high level of yields.

Best Place To Buy Private Reserve Afghan

Exceptional (9.7)
Excelent (9.5)
Excelent (9.5)
Excelent (9.5)
Excelent (9.5)

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