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Princess Nikita

Princess Nikita

Princess Nikita is 70% Sativa and 30% Indica breed of marijuana. It was attained from the lineage of Cinderella 99 (Princess) x Cherry AK47 and is produced by TreeTown Seeds.

As for its characteristics, it is a THC dominant that gives you a focused head high, mixed with calm euphoria effects that offer a great deal of medication and ‘drive’ for anyone with a hand full of tasks and is trying to run errands within a day.

Flavor and Effects of Princess Nikita

It has a fruity taste with dank undertone for the flavor that gives a pretty light and dreamy body tingling sensation. Then, it comes with waves of uplifting the mood and combined by an increased level of energy and creativity that can possibly last for hours.

Medical Benefits of Princess Nikita

As for this weed, it is ideal for anxious individuals due to its relaxing properties. Further, it helps people to adverse the effect of nausea and depression.

What are the Negative Effects of Princess Nikita

This strain has a strong tendency to make people paranoid for no apparent reason at all. Besides, people who would experience paranoia feel being threatened and tend to be violent, giving them justification of self- defense.

Growing Princess Nikita

Growing this requires expertise the reason why it is not recommended for beginners. Accordingly, it can be cultivated both for indoor and outdoor settings for approximately 59 days.

For best result, it should be given enough space for about 30€- 48€ inches in between, and suggest putting it in a 16 sq. m. size of the container. This can grow for about 2- 3 pounds per sq. m. and can survive and propagate well enough in hydroponics set up.