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Pre 98 Bubba x Key Lime Pie

Pre 98 Bubba x Key Lime is a strong indica dominant strain. This strain is a feminized plant and potent cannabis adored by indica lovers.

Flavor and Effects of Pre 98 Bubba x Key Lime

The flavors of this cannabis strain are Lime Candy, Mint, Earthy, Spice and Coffee-like.
This is a fast-acting strain and can strike users before you even finished savoring its taste. It is a perfect strain to enjoy on a lazy day.

Smokers with low THC tolerance are said to be somewhat spaced-out and fast asleep. It also gives off a euphoric effect.

Medical Benefits of Pre 98 Bubba x Key Lime

The ability to unleash wave of relaxation makes it an ideal painkilling strain for medical cannabis users. It is a great strain to relieve you from insomnia, lulling users into a deep, refreshing sleep.

It creates more of a calming vibe rather an energizing one. It contains relaxing qualities that are great for people who are stressed. 

Negative Effects of Pre 98 Bubba x Key Lime

The strain can cause dry eyes and mouth, dizziness, headache, anxiety and sometimes paranoia may occur just like other common cannabis strains. If you are not after boosting your appetite, the appetite boost effect from this strain can be considered as a negative effect.

Growing Pre 98 Bubba x Key Lime 

This strain can be easily cultivated indoors where you can control the temperature it grows in. It requires a consistent warm and humid condition with daytime temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit when growing outdoors. 

Best Place To Buy Pre 98 Bubba x Key Lime Pie

Exceptional (9.7)
Excelent (9.5)
Excelent (9.5)
Excelent (9.5)
Excelent (9.5)

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