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Power Surge

The power surge is a cannabis strain with soaring and indulging Sativa dominant influence. This is a good strain recommendable for starting growers for its easy to grow characteristics and outstanding harvest. Aztech Genetics produced this weed, and up to the present, it continues to collect the attention of many growers 

Flavor and Effects of Power Surge

This weed has an intense aroma with sweet and citrusy flavors produced while smoking. The aftereffect is very psychogenic and long-lasting. It keeps you busy and warms the whole body that lets you stay focused on accomplishing tasks.

Medical Benefits of Power Surge

Countless cannabis consumers admire this strain for its potent impact to ease tension headaches, nerve damage, and chronic stress. It can help you have a stress-free day and just be creative.

As the name suggests, it offers an upsurge of calming high, which makes it a good strain to consume at night. It is for one hundred relaxing.

Negative Effects of Power Surge 

Consistent intake of high dosage may lead to loss of coordination, distorted sense of sight, touch, and hearing. While some users who use this in moderation claim to have minimal adverse effects like headaches, slight paranoia, along with dry eyes and dry mouth.

Growing Power Surge 

Experienced growers like to grow this plant outdoors. Doing such require less effort because this weed responds and grows well under the natural warmth of the sun. By providing generous lighting and letting the warm atmosphere penetrate, it will surely bloom within nine to ten weeks. 

SCROG cropping method is suitable to cultivate this plant. Make sure to monitor and control the nourishment needs while caring for this plant.

Best Place To Buy Power Surge

Exceptional (9.7)
Excelent (9.5)
Excelent (9.5)
Excelent (9.5)
Excelent (9.5)

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