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Power Skunk Automática

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Like most strains crossed with the new generation of Ruderalis’, this Marijuana possesses an auto-flowering feature that many growers like, but it is more likable for its display of width rather than its height. This Marijuana highlights its good production and good quality.

Flavor and Effects of Power Skunk Automática

Power Skunk Automática maintains its intact scent and flavor and slightly bitter nor sour. This weed has a low to medium amount of THC, giving you a placid physical effect followed by a cerebral stimulation. 

Medical Benefits of Power Skunk Automática

Medically, the tranquil and relaxing sedation this weed offers are being enjoyed by countless marijuana users specifically to those who have problems with sleeping and worrying. It provides a touch of peaceful sedation and much-needed rest. There are also patients who commonly experience migraines, loss of appetite, and insomnia run to this weed.

Negative Effects of Power Skunk Automática

This cannabis strain may only contain less THC than the rest of the ganja in the market, but you must take note that consuming Marijuana leads to addiction and dependence. You are discouraged from taking this weed routinely and in a higher dosage. Common side effects of this weed include cottonmouth, dry eyes, and dizziness.

Growing Power Skunk Automática 

This plant likes growing outdoors under moderately warm and cool atmospheres. Ensure low humidity levels and sufficient ventilation. If it happens to lack nourishment, add vitamins and nutrient boosters to cope up with the growing difficulties as soon as possible to expect healthy harvests.

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