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Power Full Auto

This cannabis strain is a masterpiece of the Dopamine Seeds, which is mainly a feminized and even Ruderalis and Sativa hybrid. Its THC content is ruling as well which makes this weed quite potent earning its popularity in the cannabis medical market. As the name signifies, she is full of powers. It can grow quick and vigorous with rewarding harvests.

Flavor and Effects of Power Full Auto

Possessing fascinating aroma, this weed has a blend of fresh and minty flavors many users love. It brings you to a relaxing journey along with a drugging feeling that leads to a night of deep and peaceful sleep. This strain is highly suggested for you to use during nighttime. Prior to those effects, many mentioned that you would experience a burst of uncontrollable laughter from the first few tokes.

Medical Benefits of Power Full Auto

With regard to its therapeutic use, several reports say that this strain is best for mitigating and palliating anxiety, stress, and easing headaches. In addition, one positive effect of this strain is to reinforce with loss of appetite.

Patients suffering from the side effects of radiation remedies or chemotherapy specifically for cancer patients admire its anti-nausea trait.

Negative Effects of Power Full Auto

Taking marijuana should be in moderation because it has expected negative effects and some merely expected ones are having bloodshot eyes and cottonmouth. Greater influences of this weed in the body are not one to ignore for it can alter the development of your brain and worse, a growing risk of psychosis disease.

Growing Power Full Auto 

The features of this cannabis are somewhat fascinating because it has huge sidelong branches resulting in a bloom of massive flowers.

Experienced growers say that the seeds of this strain are quite hard to sprout. It is best if you culture this plant indoors with the application of hydroponic using small pots. Moreover, never neglect to monitor the nutrients, humidity, and water levels in caring for this plant. These are all important to achieve that thick buds with various therapeutic and leisure opportunities.

Best Place To Buy Power Full Auto

Exceptional (9.7)
Excelent (9.5)
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Excelent (9.5)

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