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Power Flower

Power Flower

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Power Flower is one of the top quality strains brought to us by the Royal Queen breeder. Other than its easy to grow feature, growers admire its ability to withstand cold climates. After an intensive experiment to produce this weed, realizations highlight its 100% guaranteed satisfying flavor and igniting effects.

Flavor and Effects of Power Flower

Vaping this weed recompenses a contrasting flavor of sweet and sour that brightens up your palette. Its Sativa component aims for the head and give you a trippy, uplifting, and cerebral punch. The Indica feature then targets the body with a better appetite. This weed is a good one for its very soothing high. Users mentioned that this strain makes you relax and sleepy making it suitable for nighttime use.

Medical Benefits of Power Flower

This weed is most suitable for relieving stress and anxiety. With the dominant THC level, many medical consumers rely on this cannabis to help with nausea, eating disorders, and muscle spasms. Experienced regular consumes suggest that novices should practice restraint or else they can become swamped quickly.

Negative Effects of Power Flower

Common adverse reactions could be dizziness, headaches, and cottonmouth. On the other hand, regular and frequent smoking of this strain could affect your memory and weaken your cognitive skills. Therefore, you must take this with caution.

Growing Power Flower

Power Flower likes a warm atmosphere. It can thrive well even in a small space. Growers recommend providing 600 W light to achieve the 100 grams mass per plant. Controlling consistent lighting and maintaining a warm temperature can help you grow healthier flowers. Apply SOG and SCROG for successful cultivation.

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