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Playboy OG Kush

Playboy OG Kush

Playboy OG Kush is considered an ordinary cannabis plant with its growth necessities but still a potent strain that could overwhelm you. It has a powerful aroma that can be smelled from afar. After all, it came from an aromatic strain which the NYC Diesel.

The crossbreed result will not only promote sleep but a relieving sensation as well. However, due to its swift effect, others might experience worse adverse reactions, especially those who have a low tolerance. Therefore, Playboy is a nighttime strain.

Flavor and Effects of Playboy OG Kush

The strain’s most dominant flavor is diesel, along with earthy, fuel, and sandalwood. You will encounter a rapid high that will initially start in your temples, down to your whole body. The instant result might shake you to the core and could overpower your entire senses. With that, a short period of dizziness will take place before you find yourself slumped and half sleepy.

Medical Benefits of Playboy OG Kush

Thanks to the marijuana hybrid’s ability to send your body in significant relief for an extended period, it can assist in medicating chronic body pains such as the back, muscle and headaches, and muscle spasms. Although the feeling of drowsiness if controllable, it can still treat insomnia.

 Negative Effects of Playboy OG Kush.

Playboy OG Kush is not recommendable for people with low tolerance to potent high or else they might suffer from extreme dizziness and mild paranoia. Regardless, the highly usual reactions that you will encounter are dry mouth and bloodshot eyes.

Growing Playboy OG Kush

The yield of Playboy OG Kush is beyond average and has enough resistance towards natural conditions for it to be planted outdoor. However, most of the growers highly suggest indoor due to its short built and medium yield. It has a diesel fragrant that could fill the whole room, so placing an exhaust fan is necessary.