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Platinum Strawberry Kush

Platinum Strawberry Kush

Platinum Strawberry Kush is a descendant of a potent evenly €“ balanced and fragrant hybrid strain called Strawberry Diesel and Platinum OG. The crossbreeding resulted in a Sativa €“ dominant hybrid that has an expandable stature from 50 to 90 inches. The strain is mostly Sativa but has an evenly €“ balanced high. The effect’s potency solely relies on the experiences the users have, so not everyone will experience the same results and adverse reactions. In that case, it can be used at any time of the day.

Flavor and Effects of Platinum Strawberry Kush

It has a strawberry and fuel flavors with a hint of spice. If you’re new in the field of cannabis, you might experience a couch lock due to the intense energy it will give. But, the stimulating effect usually prompts head clarity and productivity. Still, the strain will surely calm and soothe your whole body.

Medical Benefits of Platinum Strawberry Kush

Platinum Strawberry Kush is a treatment for loss of appetite, migraines, Hyperactivity Disorder, and Post-traumatic stress disorder.

Negative Effects of Platinum Strawberry Kush.

Note that the adverse side effects will depend on the type of consumers. Veterans will only experience a cottonmouth and itchy eyes while the strain may trigger paranoia and insomnia for newbies.

Growing Platinum Strawberry Kush

Regardless of where you plant to cultivate it, Platinum Strawberry Kush’s yield will remain the same as well as its height, given that it is being fed and watered every single day. Before its flowering period comes, it will need to be frequently exposed to the lights of the sun so it would thrive well and healthily.