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Platinum OG

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Platinum OG is a hybrid strain with a dominant variety of indica. This cannabis strain powerful combination from remarkable genetic lineage, Master Kush with OG Kush strain. The strain is also known to have a mixture of variety from purposes, yet this statement is not yet proven to be fact.

Flavor and Effects of Platinum OG

This Platinum OG strain has flavors of earthy which will reminisce the scent of pine. When the smoke is inhaled, the powerful variety of coffee and flavor of spice, along with the sweet with wood tones can be noticed. The taste of pungent that has the sweet taste of mixed herbal that carries out and lingers for a long time in your tongue.

The cannabis strain provides a potent effect that could direct to couch locking sedation. The effects of this strain are generally for calming with high that is hazy which could put you in a feeling like drifting in cloud nine. The Platinum OG cannabis strain composed of the extremely powerful level of THC which ensures the consumers a whole enjoyment and relaxation accompanied by optimistic feelings and pleasure.

Medical Benefits of Platinum OG

Most people with cancer recognized the value of this strain as a helpful means to provide a stronger craving stimulant when undergoing treatment and therapy. The people enduring persistent stress and anxiety could be benefited by the strain’s ability to wipe away any traces of these conditions. In an instant, it could bring relaxation hence creating an optimistic mood for you to fight against depression. Therefore, it would be easier for you to drift away from the stressors coming in every day.

Negative Effects of Platinum OG

The Platinum OG cannabis strain may provide slight adverse effects because of the potency of the strain. You may feel dryness and itchiness of the eyes, and your mouth may feel a little dry and somewhat lack of hydration. Make sure that you have to keep a glass of water nearby when you attempt on using this strain. It can also cause dizziness particularly to those who are already inclined to it or if you are not used to its potency. In a huge amount of consumption, the strain may induce paranoid behavior.

Growing Platinum OG

The cannabis plant can be cultivated in both the indoor and outdoor environments. It is fairly simple to develop and thrive because the strain has susceptibility against usual molds and diseases. When thriving outdoor, the strain should be under a warm and sunny weather condition for you to reach the ultimate potential of its growth. By the end, the strain will produce an average amount of production that is worth every effort you will deliver.