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Platinum Jack

This marijuana strain is brought to us by 420 Seeds breeder is a Sativa dominant variety of marijuana that is superbly flavorful and potent. The hybridization of Jack Herer, Big Skunk, and Haze, resulted in a weed with a wide range of medicinal functions. The overriding impression of this strain among experience growers and users says it is potent provoking a serene stillness.

Flavor and Effects of Platinum Jack

From the first inhale, it brings a sweet and spicy taste combined with berry and lemon flavors. It is as if you are enjoying cotton candy. This weed is indulging because this provides you with an uplifting high with on cloud nine sensations. 

The effect will last for about one and a half or two hours. Because of the soft head rush, it emanates a pleasurable sense of increased relaxation and mental peace.

Medical Benefits of Platinum Jack

This weed is true €œPlatinum€. With soaring 22% to 29% THC levels, it is popular with many medical users for its ability to relieve tension headaches, joint pains, arthritis, and migraines. The high THC amount suggests caution. 

Recreational users include this strain on top of their list not only for deeper relaxation pleasure but also for meditation purposes. The high also provides relief from anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain. Moreover, because of the soothing high, it erases negativity, relieves anxiety, treats stress, and alleviates signs and symptoms of health problems like PMS and PTSD.

Negative Effects of Platinum Jack

Recreational or medical users with low tolerance must expect increased heart rate and paranoia. You must also be aware of its psychedelic effects, which leads to the development of poor motor functions and high blood pressure. 

If you experience dull eyes and dry mouth, headaches, dizziness, and mild anxiousness, these are just some of the slight adverse effects of this weed. Other dangerous risks due to excessive smoking can impair your lungs and worse, there is a possibility that you will develop cancer especially if you get addicted or dependent on this strain.

Growing Platinum Jack 

Monitoring suitable humidity is important in nourishing this plant. You may apply the Hydroponics technique to grow Platinum Jack. Investing great in growing kits, measuring instruments, and plant lighting could contribute greatly to perfecting its cultivation. 

Since this plant likes trimming and pruning, there are varieties of trimmer accessories making it convenient for growers to get the job done. Growing this weed is best suitable for indoor cropping. You need to be knowledgeable of the appropriate humidity levels, temperature levels, watering schedules, and all relevant factors to grow this cannabis. Though it is not required that you are a professional grower to successfully develop this plant, the adequate experience is necessary.

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