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Platinum Bubba

Platinum Bubba is an Indica dominant variety possessing a formidable aroma. This cannabis strain is highly recommendable as medicinal support inheriting its potent and quality abilities from its parental strains, Platinum OG, and Bubba Kush. She is famous in California but recently, she is existing in countless places due to the hard-core growers and sellers’ commitment to developing this plant.

Flavor and Effects of Platinum Bubba

It brings a blend of sweet and woody flavors on your tongue that settles for a long time. Smoking or vaping this strain gives you a quick tranquilizing feeling. The succeeding effects will give you a moderate cerebral high that alters your bad thoughts and moods into good and happy ones. It will also stimulate hunger making you crave munchies.

Many Indica devotees love this weed for its appetite-boosting feature and stress-relieving ability. It guarantees long-lasting sedation enduring for hours and even throughout the day, meaning this Marijuana could be overwhelming suggesting warning especially for beginners.

Medical Benefits of Platinum Bubba 

Platinum Bubba is a good relaxant. It boosts your appetite and helps with nausea. Because it has high THC and CBD content, it makes her a great pain-relieving medicine, which continues to help a number of medical users. Many users are consuming this weed to deal, muscular pain, back, and head pain. Reports also show it extraordinary wonders as it helps with reducing symptoms of ALS and Crohn diseases.

This cannabis strain is not recommendable for patients with heart problems because this is indeed a potent one. Ask prescription or advice from your doctors before consuming to avoid the worst effects.

Negative Effects of Platinum Bubba

Regular users and beginners can anticipate dryness of eyes and mouth. It can cause increased blood flow into various body parts; as a result, you will be prone to headaches and dizziness. Its composition may also put you into the danger of lung and heart impairment when used routinely.

Many claims that excessive consumption of this weed can weaken your immune system and develop allergies to fruits because there are specific chemicals composing cannabis that can weaken your body’s system resulting in difficulties in the battle against infections. Secondly, it increases the danger of allergic reactions especially in patients with allergies to citrus fruits.

Growing Platinum Bubba 

Growing this marijuana strain is ideal for the Screen of Green cultivation indoor. It is good for self-starters. Experienced growers suggest regular feedings appropriate for its flowering stages. Supplement nutrients or boosters only if necessary. It would also be better if you apply Topping when cultivating this plant. Doing this encourages dense and thorough growth and healthy harvests. It is an advantage that this plant is immune to mold and pests making it suitable for either green thumbs or black thumbs.

Best Place To Buy Platinum Bubba

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