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Pitbull strain was bred in the 20th century by Stoney Girl Gardens. It was a cross-breeding of P-91 strain with the multi-awarded Sugar Plum strain. The indica dominant cannabis strain has become popular due to its potency and everybody is craving for it. The Pitbull can be mostly found in part of Arizona and also in the Pacific Northwest.

Flavor and Effects of Pitbull

Users anticipate the flavors and taste of the strain to be very delicious and satisfying. The strain has hints of a skunk with earthy tones. These are accompanied by the sweetness of tropical fruit combinations, with few undertones of lavender scent and lemon taste.

The beginning of the impact of this strain is a usual and fairly common influence of sativa variety such as buzz mind with feelings of euphoria which provides optimistic impressions and gives chuckles and side laughs. It also enhances consumers’ concentration. When the indica influence comes in, the consumers will ultimately hold up to a relaxing state in a deep way. You can appreciate the calmness of the effects that will eventually put you into sleep or could induce hunger and make you crave for food.

Medical Benefits of Pitbull

Because of the indica genetics of the strain which is dominant on its lineage, it is recognized to have maximum benefit in alleviating discomfort and any pain or aches in your entire body which potentially led to numerous medical ailments. A few times, the cannabis strain may regulate sickness, nausea and facilitate the improvement of appetite of the consumers with disorders related to eating. In not so common circumstances, the strain, Pitbull can deliver momentary assistance to stress and body tension.

Negative Effects of Pitbull

The Pitbull strain can potentially result in drying of the mouth and eyes. Because of the high it gives, it may also cause side consequences like slight dizziness and the manifestation of paranoid behavior. It could also deliver headaches when you are not used to its potency, yet these are just rare effects which will not arise if the consumption is within the tolerance.

Growing Pitbull

The cannabis strain, Pitbull can be developed and grown in both indoor and outdoor environments. It is already popular among growers due to its ability to overcome different cultivating setting and conditions. Nonetheless, no additional facts that were given regarding the certain standard cultivating situations in both growing areas.

Still, the strain is a fairly quick flowering period and may generate huge quantities of outcome hence the strain is an outstanding option for the skilled and beginner cultivators. Aside from that, it is also easy to manage and can be handled by beginner growers.