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Pinkleberry Kush

Pinkleberry Kush

Green Source Gardens is the group from which the master breeders of this weed strain has come from. Other strains had been created by those individuals but not all are as delightful and effective as this weed strain. Pinkleberry Kush strain boasts with a lot of traits that marijuana lovers always look for in a toke. This newborn was a result of the crossbreeding process performed using the genes of only one strain which is the Blackberry strain.

Flavor and Effects of Pinkleberry Kush

Being made up of mostly indica genes, it was easy for this bud to acquire some attractive flavors for the palates of both connoisseurs and newbie smokers to enjoy. It blends together an earthy, sweet, lime tastes that all work together in spreading a powerful sedation towards the body and mind. This kind of sedation, however, shall only last for two hours.

Medical Benefits of Pinkleberry Kush

Get yourself cured during unexpected cases of bodily attacks due to fatigue, stress, anxiety, menstrual cramps, arthritis, sclerosis, and inflammation. This weed has got your back in those moments especially because it contains the powerful THC and CBD properties.

Negative Effects of Pinkleberry Kush

Indulging in Pinkleberry Kush strain’s sedation may not cause anything bad for one’s health if only used occasionally at the right dosage, too. But, in case one consumes too much, that is the time when they may experience paranoia and dizziness as its side effects.

Growing Pinkleberry Kush

Newbie and expert growers may be allowed to try growing this weed because of its easy cultivation process. At the same time, Pinkleberry Kush strain makes a perfect cultivar also if you are living in a place with semi-humid climate.