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Pink Widow

Pink Widow

207 Seeds group of master breeders are those intelligent individuals who performed the crossbreeding project from which another future bestseller was born. It was after a series of studies and examinations that they had decided to use the DNAs of

Flavor and Effects of Pink Widow

This mostly indica strain possesses very amazing genes inside that all its flavors are adorable, too. The palate shall instantly become satisfied 100% when the sweet and sour tastes along with a fruity hint comes along in waves. The first inhale is of course the most memorable and the sweetest of all, but make sure not to toke too much or you will feel an intense warmth in your throat already building up. It is soothing and smooth which a seasoned smoker only knows.

Medical Benefits of Pink Widow

This green herb is an absolute treatment to the various illnesses that people are suffering from nowadays. Some of them have found an effective cure to stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and nausea from the high enough THC level that Pink Widow strain contains. Also, they experienced relief from fatigue, muscle pain, cramps, and migraine from smoking this which is perhaps due to its CBD content.

Negative Effects of Pink Widow

This marijuana strain may deliver some bad news to its users which are commonly experienced due to misuse of some beginners. Such an act may lead to dizziness and dryness of eyes and mouth.

Growing Pink Widow

A warm climate saves this buds from being bothered by pests and molds that usually develop in humid climates. Its being bushy is also another challenge to growers as they would need to trim or prune it in time before it reaches harvest time so yield will be higher, too.