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Pink Sprite

Pink Sprite

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Twisty Seeds cannabis breeders is the group of master breeders who performed the crossbreeding process that gave life to this new marijuana strain. It was Pink Sprite that sprung out from the mixing of genes between the Super Lemon Haze and HeavyDutyFruity strains, possessing high sativa genetics.

Flavor and Effects of Pink Sprite

The fame and favor that this weed strain had was basically due to its wonderful flavors of sweet, fruity, lemon, and haze tastes that lead to its total sedation. Pink Sprite strain makes it sure that every minute will be memorable, sending good vibes and a clear mind. Comfort and relaxation also happens while you are staying couch-locked.

Medical Benefits of Pink Sprite

It is normal for some smokers and also some patients to expect medicinal help from this bud strain as what they do with other marijuana strains. This is because weeds are scientifically found to possess herbal elements that are useful in treating stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression, menstrual cramps, muscle pain, inflammation, and some more other severer cases.

Negative Effects of Pink Sprite

It may be quick and effective at bringing recreational and therapeutic highs. However, with such abilities also, some adverse effects also arise. This may include anxiety, slight headaches, and dryness of eyes or mouth.

Growing Pink Sprite

To achieve a healthy growth of fat buds, this weed strain have to be placed either indoors or outdoors given the fact that it needs proper lighting and ventilation. In terms of infestation, this weed strain is also well-protected because it was naturally born resistant to such elements.

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