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Pink Gorilla

Pink Gorilla

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The next big thing that Moscaseeds group of marijuana breeders is their newest creation, which was called the Pink Gorilla strain. This was the result of the cross between the parent’s Gorilla Glue #4 and Pink 2.0 strains. Creating this bud meant a lot to marijuana lovers that are looking for a challenging toke.

Flavor and Effects of Pink Gorilla

With its very powerful genetics and attractive phenos, this weed cannot deny its adorableness in the eyes of many smokers. It is so appealing that no one can actually resist its charm even from afar, spreading the most delightful aromas around the grow area, too. Pink Gorilla may be used for accomplishing daytime tasks, but the best time would be in the evening at that moment when your body is comfortably lying on a couch, and your eyes are closed.

Medical Benefits of Pink Gorilla

The greatest use of this bud is for the treatment it brings to its consumers. In fact, many people, especially patients, are already witnessing its medicinal wonders, which are for bodily pains like fatigue, muscle pain, menstrual cramps, migraine, stomachache, and inflammation, too. Mentally, it is effective for stress, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and many more.

Negative Effects of Pink Gorilla

There must be some limitation to be observed when using this weed, which is due to its high THC level. Such property may be what will cause smokers to experience its side effect of having dry eyes or mouth.

Growing Pink Gorilla

Hydroponics is the best way to cultivate this bud. It needs moisture all the time, so it can also be protected from the growth of pests that lurk in the growing area. Its yield, too, becomes higher when grown with fertilizers.

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