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Pink Champagne

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Pink Champagne is a hybrid of sativa and indica, yet with dominant genetics of the indica. The combination of Granddaddy Purple strain and Cherry Pie strain has produced a strain with impressive physical appearance. It has buds that are in color of emerald greens that also produce rust undertone color. These beautiful colors are also accompanied by purple with pink hues.

It is important to note that the crossbreed of the two-parent lineage which also produces a strain called Phantom Cookies. Nevertheless, the related strain seems to have a percentage to the Pink Champagne, it provides more effects on the sativa variety.

Flavor and Effects of Pink Champagne

When consumed, the consumers will identify the flavors of berry that is sweet yet tangy. The smoke also has fruity smell and taste that lingers on your mouth for a while. Upon exhale, an earthy aftertaste will be noticed as well. The effects of the Pink Champagne strain provides a scramble of euphoric feelings just a few moments right after your few hits of the strain.

Nonetheless, despite the enthusiasm, it will never make the consumers feel amazed due to the excellent high you will encounter. Rather, it solely readies the consumers for the impending impacts on the entire body which boosts your mood and energy. It is very important to have a good spot where you can comfortably lay down as the strain will knock you put without you realizing it.

Medical Benefits of Pink Champagne

The effects of the strain, Pink Champagne is a remarkable derivation of truce from the invasion of unfavorable conditions like depression. It could also ease away anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This can likewise be utilized to alleviate stress which helps your nerves to calm down and make your mind as clear as the blue sky. The strain could also be a treatment for headaches and pains you are feeling on your joints.

Negative Effects of Pink Champagne

The consumers of this cannabis strain should expect that the strain will make your mouth and eyes dry. Sometimes, it could even make you feel dizzy and anxious. The manifestation of paranoia can be caused by the overconsumption of the strain. Hence, if you are not used to its effects, you may start at a low dosage.

Growing Pink Champagne

The strain, Punk Champagne is an outstanding option for growing at the comfort of your home. The strain grows short in size and can effortlessly suit in a tiny cultivating room. It is important to observe as well that the strain has a remarkable profile when it comes to growth and development. It is inherently strong and apt to overcome some pests and common diseases. Also, it inclines to post a fast flowering period with a high percentage of harvest.

The strain has high chances to grow foliage very densely hence pruning is really required as part of the growing maintenance. When growing outdoors, you are also giving the plant the capacity to get nutrients from the sun directly and allows the plants to grow even bigger. The breeze outside could also help the strain to deter humidity that may arise problems in the future like molds development.