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Pink Biscuit

Pink Biscuit

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The decision on combining two great cannabis strains comes from the expert breeders of the cannabis breeder group called the Seeds of Compassion. It involved the use of DNAs from the Pink LemonAid and Gorilla Biscuit strains. This weed is also composed of an equal indica and sativa genes, becoming both physical and mental.

Flavor and Effects of Pink Biscuit

This cannabis strain would be such a great source of comfort, relaxation, peace, and calmness from being smoked or consumed by users. Pink Biscuit strain acts faster than others, making a swift, soothing sensation. This cannabis strain may also be the way for smokers to get rid of their bad thoughts and memories that sometimes linger. This shall last for an hour, too.

Medical Benefits of Pink Biscuit

Having the best advantages from smoking this bud is possible even for therapeutic purposes for the common illnesses of smokers. It is best to be consumed for body pains like fatigue, muscle pain, menstrual cramps, migraine, rheumatism, and also inflammation. However, Pink Biscuit strain may also be used to alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression.

Negative Effects of Pink Biscuit

In only a few times of using this bud, smokers may then feel is side effects taking over their body due to its high amount already present inside. So, usually it may come in the form of nausea and paranoia to some people.

Growing Pink Biscuit

Not only does its effects move fast, but also its grow process. It can produce high yield without much help from the growers and is able to protect itself from pests and molds.

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