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Pink Bazooka IX 1

Pink Bazooka IX 1

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The wise men from the newbie cannabis breeder group of Chrome Seeds takes a leap of hope on creating a weed strain out of the mixed genetics from the backcrossing process of the original Bubblegum strain. Its name was Pink Bazooka IX 1 and it is made up of pure indica genes, too.

Flavor and Effects of Pink Bazooka IX 1

Although a very new strain introduced into the public, Pink Bazooka IX 1 strain got easily famous and became an instant favorite among other cannabis varieties. Its great appeal comes from its flavors of bubblegum and floral essences, matched with a sweet tinge on the side at the same time its deep-sitting sedation that most smokers love to have.

Medical Benefits of Pink Bazooka IX 1

Many more wonderful things arise from smoking even only a joint of Pink Bazooka IX 1 strain. In fact, this marijuana strain is filled with the herbal elements that cause it to be effectively used for rheumatism, arthritis, headaches, menstrual cramps, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and also bipolar disorders.

Negative Effects of Pink Bazooka IX 1

Regular users of this bud may already be experiencing the side effects of this bud which is too strong that when used too often can lead to some undesirable, hard-to-manage conditions. Those conditions may be in the form of headaches and paranoia.

Growing Pink Bazooka IX 1

This weed strain is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Its resistance to pests, molds, and mildews is strong enough to let it grow on its own, too. There may also be a chance to get higher yield when growers add fertilizers to the roots of this crops.

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