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Pink 2.0

Pink 2.0

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The confident, wise, and skilled cannabis breeders of the Exotic Genetix group is now at the top of their game upon releasing to the market the fresh new strain they have created. This was a truly great strain that has come to be made from the crossbreeding process conducted using the genes of Predator Pink and Starfighter F2 cannabis strains. That adorable variety was then called the Pink 2.0.

Flavor and Effects of Pink 2.0

Among all marijuana varieties, this was one of the bests. Pink 2.0 is an improved version of what has been enjoyed and cherished by the avid fanatics of weeds, providing them with some quality time. Its cerebrally-devastating effect makes it easier to forget a heartbreak or a bankruptcy that is not normal for a person to do. With its powers, smokers are bound to find the happiness that stays longer.

Medical Benefits of Pink 2.0

This cannabis variety was made to deliver important functions to smokers and not only to be a tool for leisurely satisfaction. In fact, this weed is found to be an effective treatment for almost all kinds of illnesses such as stress, fatigue, menstrual cramps, migraine, and many others that also includes some more serious ones.

Negative Effects of Pink 2.0

Making you go crazy over intense sedation as what this weed offers should have been a warning for moderation and control. Because, if not used the right way, Pink 2.0 strain may bring anxiety and paranoia.

Growing Pink 2.0

Cultivate this weed using loam or silt soil for a 100% high yield of very resinous buds. Its bushy appearance may require some trimming or pruning occasionally, too. Proper airflow must be contained within the growing area as well.

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