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Pineapple Punch

A smooth taste that suited for a relaxing moment! Many users claimed that Pineapple Punch is a total description of its name when it comes to flavors. On the other hand, there were some comments that this weed has the only resemblance of its name when it comes to its taste. Either way, Pineapple Punch is more than a smooth treat for many marijuana lovers. Her potency and high level of THC give a strong urging power that this marijuana strain is one of the best.

A product of Flying Dutchmen, Pineapple Punch has great traits that capture the heart of many. A combination of Real Mccoy and the ever famous Skunk #1, this marijuana plant produces beautiful buds with resinous trichomes. Recommended to use any time of the day, Pineapple Punch deserves to be part of your excellent choices.

Flavor and Effects of Pineapple Punch

She is a fresh kick for most mouths. Pineapple Punch speaks for its name as it offers the fruity taste of pineapple and orange with sweet undertones in every exhale. This refreshing combination provides a mouth-watering smoking experience that many cannabis lovers would like to have most of the time.

As you start to enjoy every stroke, Pineapple Punch gives you a heady buzz oozing with vibrancy in your mind. She’s a good energy booster that will help you finish your task smoothly giving you an uplifted mood. More than that, Pineapple Punch is also a wise choice for getting some projects done with its creative and happy hits running from your mind to every part of your body.

Medical Benefits of Pineapple Punch

The uplifting nature of Pineapple Punch is a perfect antidote for those fighting depression. On the other hand, many use this weed as medication for stress aside from relief of fatigue because it gave them a kind of relaxation that suits their conditions. Patients with sleeping and eating disorders like insomnia and lack of appetite were also advised to choose Pineapple Punch as part of their treatment.

Negative Effects of Pineapple Punch

This weed has negative effects as well as those of any potent marijuana. Because Pineapple Punch is quite strong, it may cause anxiety and paranoia for some who are just beginners and had a low tolerance of THC.

Growing Pineapple Punch

In growing Pineapple Punch, the experience is quite needed. Though this marijuana plant will thrive either indoor or outdoor, her growing process needs a lot of attention to make sure that she is growing well. For outdoor cultivation, plenty amount of sunlight is highly needed. On the other hand, for indoor growing, cultivators are advised to use soil as their medium. Hydroponics may thrive as well but records show that soil produces more potency than the former method especially with Pineapple Punch.

Best Place To Buy Pineapple Punch

Exceptional (9.7)
Excelent (9.5)
Excelent (9.5)
Excelent (9.5)
Excelent (9.5)

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