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Pineapple Calyx

Pineapple Calyx

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Pineapple Calyx comes from Calyx Garden and is a hybrid between Pineapple OG and Pineapple Cookies. When smoke, it is tropical in the nose with a hint of citrus and earthy flavor. When taking this strain, it is best during social interaction as it makes you talkative. It reaches 2% terpene in which makes this have a strong odor.

Flavor and Effects of Pineapple Calyx Strain

It offers the consumer a taste of intense odor of tropical and earthy flavor with a taste of citrus. Pineapple Calyx Strain gives euphoric feeling with uplifting mood. It also helps in clearing the head because it has a sedation effect that calms your mind.

 Medical Benefits of Pineapple Calyx Strain

This strain helps relieve stress and as well as fights depression. It is also an excellent medical benefit for patients suffering from PTSD and anxiety. Pineapple Calyx also stabilizes one’s emotion is a source of comfort for consumers.

 Negative effects of Pineapple Calyx Strain

There is a recommendation to use Pineapple Calyx in moderation to avoid greening out. Just like other strains, Pineapple Calyx also gives the user dry eyes and mouth. Some even suffer from dizziness, paranoia, and headache.

 Growing Pineapple Calyx Strain

To produce this kind of strain, breeders recommend cultivating a mixture of the two-hybrid. The plants can grow in tropical or semi-humid temperatures, which can robe grown in a garden or a farm. For higher yields, it is suggested to do the pruning method. After a few weeks of flowering, it produces 340-450g/square meter yield.