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Pine Queen Dream

Pine Queen Dream

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Pineapple Queen Dream is a Sativa dominant that is a cross between the famous Blue Dream and Space Queen Strains. It produces strong odor which can be irresistible due to its potent cerebral high. It gives you dreamy feeling and has an earthy aroma with notable bubble gum taste that will plunge consumers into extreme relaxing pleasure.

Flavor and Effects of Pine Queen Dream Strain

Different flavors present you with a taste of intense odor of bubblegum and pineapple with a flavor of citrus, which you give you menthol aftertaste when vape or smoke. Pine Queen Dream Strain will also guarantee to take the user into dreamland without giving up reality. It unleashes creativity with an uplifting feeling, which will give you intense pleasure and both mentally and physically.

Medical Benefits of Pine Queen Dream Strain

Some of the benefits of this strain is that it relieves you from stress, anxiety, and chronic pains. It can also heal insomnia which will take consumers into slumber.

Negative effects of Pine Queen Dream Strain

Just like other strains, adverse effects of the Pineapple Queen Dream include dry mouth and eyes. There are also cases of consumers experiencing dizziness.

Growing Pine Queen Dream Strain

Pine Queen Dream Strain can grow up to 3 meters and can flourish in both Mediterranean temperatures, outdoor. For indoor cultivation, breeders suggest the soil should have sand or gravel. Indoor growing can also consume a large amount of space, so possible growers should put a large area for the strain to cultivate.