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Pine Cone

Pine Cone

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Get in touch with nature with Pine Cone Strain, a hybrid cross between Blue Tahoe and Cinex. Smoking this hybrid is like taking a journey through the forest due to its powerful forest aroma and tight resinous nuggets that explode with earthy flavor upon vaporization or combustion. Its buds have nugs that are similar to real pine cones, with hints of mint green accented by tight amber hairs and big chunky crystal trichomes. This weed is suitable for day and evening time use.

Flavor and Effects of Pine Cone Strain

Pine Cone Strain brings flavors of delicious hashy with a woody overtone accented by sharp diesel. Once inhaled, users will experience boosts in creativity, euphoria, and in some cases, there may be an increase of focus and motivation. Eventually, this cerebral bliss turns into a set of body tingles that impart relaxing tendencies, without weighing you down or causing sedation.

Medical Benefits of Pine Cone Strain

Good thing that this strain is ideal for treating conditions such as eye pressure or glaucoma, depression, bipolar disorder, and chronic stress. It also washes away depression and anxiety with a huge mood boost. Despite her soothing comedown, this hybrid will help to fight daytime fatigue.

Negative effects of Pine Cone Strain

Adversely, smokers will experience paranoia and will have both their mouth and eyes drying.

Growing Pine Cone Strain

Its parent Blue Tahoe is loved by growers, for it is fast-growing and produces heavy yield. This strain is climate-resilient, which means it can be grown even in colder temperatures. Therefore it can quickly adapt to all kinds of heat.

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