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Pina Colada

For the short overview of this marijuana strain, it is a balanced Sativa-Indica hybrid cannabis, which has common characteristics inherited from its parental strains Banana Kush and Starburst Bubba strains but gives better tolerance. It has a spicy psychedelic approach and gives energetic booming high. If you are one person who adores Pina Colada cocktails, then this weed is a must-try for you.

Flavor and Effects of Pina Colada

This strain’s subtropical name already suggests delightful tastes. It gives your tongue that of the relish of a Pina Colada, however, it might be a little different considering its blend of pineapple, citrus, sour, tropical, spicy, and sweet flavors. Overall, the scent and flavor are balanced. One hit of this weed can make your whole day feeling amazingly refreshed. The effect is cerebrally giving you an energizing and uplifting mood to get through a rough day. Good thing this weed is not overly stimulating aside from the fact that it is highly indulging. Her all-around effectual Sativa composition without any over-stimulating outcome.

Medical Benefits of Pina Colada

 Currently, doctors for many serious treatments including the downsides of chemotherapy for cancer patients and oppressive epilepsy prescribe the use of Marijuana. This weed can also work well with the abovementioned medical functions. However, this strain is more popular for medical consumers who are struggling daily with stresses coming from work. It eases headaches, migraines, anxiety, and some chronic pains. More mentioned healing abilities include relieving depression, fatigue, and inflammation. There are also reports testifying that it lends support to minor aches along with a mild vibe or mood improvement.

 Negative Effects of Pina Colada

The side effect of Marijuana varies from different users considering each person has a diverse level of tolerance.

Many speculated topics on the adverse effects of this cannabis might result in addiction because of the remarkable sensation it offers. Consuming this strain requires moderation. If taken in a consistent high dose, it can cause headaches, dry eyes, and cottonmouth. However, there are perilous anticipated impacts specifically when overused. To mention a few, it can cause Diabetes because taking cannabis makes it difficult to monitor or control blood sugar levels resulting in long-term complexities.

Growing Pina Colada 

This weed is more appropriate to grow indoors. In this way, it will thrive more vigorous. Apply the SCROG technique in cultivating this weed. Make the most to protect the buds from pests and other parasites. Water only if needed. Follow its growing conditions, and surely, you will grow healthy plants with good yields. 

Its framework is somewhat peculiar. The fully-grown plant displays large broadly clustered pecks colored with green but not too thick and sticky. It also has added pinkish to magenta hues of hairs.

Best Place To Buy Pina Colada

Exceptional (9.7)
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Excelent (9.5)

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