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Phoenix Fire

Phoenix Fire

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Love Genetics is the breeder of this marijuana having in mind the sativa outdoor growers. It is a combination of Dragonhead and Jack Phoenix #2 marijuana varieties. The marijuana will have long colas and big spear showing its sativa inheritance. It has amazing terpenes you will experience and benefit when you will have it yourself. It will have an aroma that smells like candy-fuel and grapes.

Flavor and Effects of Phoenix Fire

The flavors can be fruity, earthy, sour, sweet, spicy, and piney taste. This marijuana will let you feel like you are soaring high and have a good ideal destination. It is high that comforts your body and mind. It makes you have a good time with a good mood.

Medical Benefits of Phoenix Fire

This will help you with various types of pain you have that you like to get relief from. They range from the high to mild effect but enough to have some relief. It also manages depression, anxiety, nausea, and other medical conditions.

Negative Effect you Can Expect from Phoenix Fire

You may not avoid having a dry mouth with this marijuana as one of the negative effects. It is the most common and the others can be dizziness, dry eyes, headache, and, sleepiness. They can be for a moment or last with the effect.

Growing Phoenix Fire

This marijuana can be grown by most growers that know the topping technique as it is required for this marijuana. It is suitable for SCROG growing method and you can start your cultivation by putting it under 12/12 indoors. This is to manage her height making it ideal and good.

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