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Pheno 51

Pheno 51

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Pheno 51 is a hybrid strain that is a cross between Star Killer and Skywalker OG. True to its name, this potent strain brings smokers to a galaxy-like dimension that is blissful and free from stress and pains. It encourages creativity while giving a heady buzz. The THC content, however, warns first-timers to be cautious when using.

Flavors and Effects of Pheno 51 Strain

Pheno 51 tastes like pine and lemon flavor along with citrus and earthy flavor. It provides an intensely cerebral and body high. It begins with a euphoric boost that is very happy and melts away stresses and all types of pains. Then, the strain lifts the smoker’s mood and gives a pleasant feeling as lethargy seeps into their cores. The effects of smoking will make users difficult to stand up, so it is recommended during leisure time.

 Medical Benefits of Pheno 51 Strain

This strain does present plenty of benefits for casual users, but it also has properties for medical purposes. The calm brought to mind significantly helps alleviate stress and depression. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that ease headaches and nausea. With higher dosage, the strain will cause sleepiness, which is beneficial for those who have insomnia.

 Negative effects of Pheno 51 Strain

There are many common adverse effects of Pheno 51 with most marijuana strains out there, and that is a dry mouth. Eyes may become dry and irritated, along with headaches, dizziness, and paranoia.

 Growing Pheno 51 Strain

Its parent strain Skywalker OG produces a high amount of yield and is also best cultivated in a dry and sunny climate. It consumes much space when growing, so it is recommended to expand its container size.