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Phantom OG

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Phantom OG is a hybrid strain that has the dominant genetics of indica. The strain was created by crossing OG Kush and strain that said to be unknown until now. Though rumors said that the other cross strain is from the strain of planetary lineages such as Earth OG and Mars OG due to the effects it provides.

Flavor and Effects of Phantom OG

Phantom OG strain has a flavor of an extraordinary mixture of walnut with a tone of wild berry and hints of citrus. The smoke has odors of mint with the similar scent of earthy like odor. Based on most strains of OG, when the impact eventually shows, the consumer will start to feel cognitive high and stoned very deep. The consumers will also feel euphoric impressions and you may feel uplifted and leave you giggles on the side.

Medical Benefits of Phantom OG

The cannabis strain, Phantom OG can ease away all the aches and body pain regardless if it is minor or persistent will be helped by the strain. It relaxes your muscles hence promote very soothing pain relief. It can also reduce the harshness of the discomforts a person may encounter every day such as migraine and headaches. The bud also has the inclination to provoke hunger which can improve craving for people who are suffering a loss of appetite because of illnesses or side effects of chemotherapy.

Negative Effects of Phantom OG

The strain though can cause paranoia to a person using it. It could also lead to wrong compulsive thinking which is why it is not suggested to be used by people with low tolerance of THC content or people inclined to easily get panic and alarm. You can start using at a low amount, until such time that you get used to its effects and gradually increase your amount. The strain can also cause dryness of the mouth and itchiness of the eyes. These are the result of the dehydration of the body from the consumption of the strain hence, drinking lots of water could successfully manage it.

Growing Phantom OG

The Phantom OG can be cultivated in both indoor and outdoor environments. If you aim to successfully develop it, the outdoor growing condition should have temperatures between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This condition can also be applied if cultivated under the indoor growing area. The cannabis plant will grow into a medium-sized plant. It is pretty easy to handle even for beginner growers as it can be susceptible to mold and changing weather and climate condition. Within eight to nine weeks, you can obtain a plant with a high amount of flowers and production.

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