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Pepe Le Dank

Pepe Le Dank

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Pepe Le Dank is a popular strain developed by Gage Green Genetics and originally from Afghanistan, Colombia, and Mexico. It holds the worlds of OG and Skunk together by the combination of 5K OG Kush and Pepe the G13 Skunk.

The cross was produced to create marijuana with improved yield and potency. Most people recommend using this strain in the evening and night time use.

Flavor and Effects of Pepe Le Dank

This strain’s sour or lemony flavor got from one of its parent’s strain. It also has a fruity, spicy, and earthy with a hint of piney. This strain could give you a mixture of cerebral and body high. It also gives users a euphoric and creative sensation due to its top and can also provide a calmness to the users

Medical Benefits of Pepe Le Dank

This strain is known as perfect for treating medical conditions such as stress, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, and muscle pain. It can also have appetite gain, lessen numbness, and relieve some pain.

Negative Effects of Pepe Le Dank

Due to its potency, it can give you adverse reactions. Pepe Le dank can provide users with slight anxiety. In terms of physical, it offers users dry mouth and dry eyes.

Growing Pepe Le dank Some information and tips

To grow this strain, growers must have patience because of its growing difficulty, which is somewhat medium to hard due to its yield. Pepe Le dank can be cultivated either indoors or outdoors. It is a perfect plant for anyone with excellent medical uses.

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