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Peles Fire OG

Pele’s Fire OG

Pele’s Fire OG this Strain is by Pua Mana Pakalolo; it puts the volcanic flames of the Hawaiian goddess.

A rare indica dominant hybrid that makes you feel a rush of cerebral euphoria and is accompanied by a relaxing body high that makes one feel calm and slightly sedated €” fluffy green nugs around its buds with bright orange hairs and a coating of tiny amber crystal trichomes.

This Strain expresses OG aromas of earth and citrus, delivering euphoric that settles on the limbs that give pleasant warmth.

What are the Flavour and Effects of Pele’s Fire OG

This Strain has citrus, dank, herbal, and orangey flavor; it is known to give a body high. It makes you creative because it affects the cognition on the cerebral it makes you socialize more and makes you feel much more relaxed; using this Strain makes you feel euphoric.

 Medical Benefits of Pele’s Fire OG

This Strain is used in treating conditions such as migraines, headaches, loss of appetite, mood swings, depression, chronic fatigue, and helps in aiding insomnia, for it makes one sleepy.

 Negative affects you Can Expect from Pele’s Fire OG.

Some known side effects are reported by those who use this Strain; this is the feeling of having a dry mouth and tingling feel when consumed and anxious.

 Growing Pele’s Fire OG Some information and Tips

This Strain is best to be outdoors as it suits warm climates. A fence will give this Strain extra protection.

Best Place To Buy Pele’s Fire OG

Exceptional (9.7)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)

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