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Patti Cake

Patti Cake

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Patti Cake marijuana strain is a balanced combination of 50% Indica and 50% Sativa marijuana hybrid. The cannabis delights the senses with the sweet aroma of cherries and sugar.

This marijuana is suitable for evening and day time use due to a well-balanced high. The high is pleasant and cerebral in nature, with powerful, uplifting effects that leave you giggly and sociable

Flavor and Effects of Patti Cake Strain

Patti Cake has a delicious sweet taste of fresh candies and berries accented by a touch of sharp citrus. You’ll be more inclined to fall into conversation with those around you, even if you suffer from social anxiety. Patti Cake marijuana strain induces uplifting cerebral high, prompts giggles, and chattiness. Improves focus, energizes the mind, alleviates stress.

Medical Benefits of Patti Cake Strain

The benefits of using this type of strain come with relieving pain, ADHD symptoms, depress, stress, and migraine. The strain’s mood-boosting properties can temporarily improve the symptoms of mild to moderate anxiety and depression.

Adverse effects of Patti Cake Strain

Users of this type of strain may experience nausea, arousal, and feel anxious. Patti Cake can also cause paranoia to those who are not well adept at this kind of cannabis. Doctors do not endorse this strain to patients who are prone to panic.

Growing Patti Cake Strain

The flower can be grown indoors or outdoors, although success for outdoor planting should have a semi-humid climate which requires a daytime temperature between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The flower tends to grow short and bushy and may need gardeners to prune their broad, light-blocking fan leaves from time to time. Within 8 to 9 weeks of cultivation, you will have a beautiful set of Patti Cake flowers. ,