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Paris OG

This indica dominant strain was created by crossing the Lemon OG strain with the Headband strain. It is an award-winning hybrid that won top prizes in the 2013 and 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup. Despite its French name, this strain sells best in Michigan and the American Southwest. The plant is distinguished by its medium to large-sized buds that cling to each other in a conical shape. The leaves are forest green in color and are covered with cloudy white trichomes and orange pistils.

Flavor and Effects of Paris OG

The Paris OG cannabis strain has a distinctive citrus fragrance that is accompanied by hints of tropical fruits. When burned, this strain’s smoke is acrid and harsh, despite its mellow and agreeable smell. Its flavor profile is earthy and dank. On exhale, a citrus taste, with pine undertones, lingers on the mouth.

The effects of this high do not come immediately. You will take a while before you feel the cerebral onset that starts like a cranial compression. This effect is similar to that of its parent, the Headband. These pressure-flow down to the body, to the core, and to the limbs pulling you down to a heavy relaxation. Your eyes will start to feel heavy, and eventually, your entire body will feel the same too. It is a bud that is best used in the evening.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Paris OG

Its sedative effects are particularly helpful for patients struggling with insomnia and other sleep disorders. Its narcotic effects are also a great aid against stress, anxiety, and depression. Patients suffering from PTSD will also find the Paris OG very effective in mitigating symptoms at least temporarily. Lastly, its anti-inflammatory properties are able to easily soothe away, annoyances like nausea, headache, migraine. And even chronic pain like fibromyalgia, arthritis, muscle spasms, and tremors.

Negative Effects of Paris OG

The usual side effect for any marijuana usage is dry mouth. This is often experienced when smoking the Paris OG. It is an uncomfortable side effect that is easily manageable by downing glasses of water throughout the high. This symptom is often accompanied by dry eyes. Keep eyedrops handy as well to mitigate this side effect.

Growing Paris OG

For any growers interested to cultivate the Paris OG plant, they need to obtain clippings from mature plants and grow these into identical clones. The plant can be grown indoors and outdoors. It needs a semi-humid, Mediterranean outdoor climate in order to thrive well outdoors. It also grows short and bushy, thanks to its mostly indica genetics. Thus, regular topping and pruning are required to ensure that an appropriate amount of ventilation and sunshine reaches the lower flowering nodes.

Best Place To Buy Paris OG

Exceptional (9.7)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)

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