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Paradise Waits

Paradise Waits

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The lineage of Paradise Waits Cannabis comes from two parents, the Scarlet Fire and Harlequin. This strain awaits when using this cannabis because it alleviates great ecstasy all over your body.

Flavor and Effects of Paradise Waits Strain

Paradise awaits sweeter smelling type of strain. The citrus flavor enables the delicious taste that tastes like a pineapple. When smoked, the feeling comes out fresh, citrusy, earthy, and sweet. Its aromatic fragrance will surely make your couch comfier than ever. The cerebral effects predominate, resulting in color enhancement and subtle shifts to the visual field. Overall, body relaxation can be felt, resulting in a warm Sativa-dominant-like buzz. It also aids in better concentration and social interaction.

Medical Benefits of Paradise Waits Strain

The benefits of using this type of strain come with treating depression, anxiety, chronic pains, headaches, for relaxation, insomnia, and a good appetite booster. Due to one of its parent buds, the Harlequin is an effective painkiller. This type of strain proves to be useful in relieving pains.

Negative effects of Paradise Waits Strain

Paradise Waits has a high potency effect resulting in some to feel dizzy when smoked. Due to this reason, some may lead to feeling anxiety and mild paranoia. Just like other strains, when using Paradise, waits for this causes dry throat and eyes.

Growing Paradise Waits Strain

Humidity must check well, and in indoor settings, Harlequin needs appropriate trimming to allow a healthy airflow. This plant likes warmth, but don’t go crazy on the heat, so she doesn’t wither and dry up.

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