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The Papaya cannabis strain was created by Nirvana Seeds by crossing the Cintral No. 13 and the Ice No. 2 strains. It carries a THC count range between 15% to 25%.

Flavor and Effects of Papaya

Like its namesake, the Papaya marijuana strain offers the same fragrance as the actual fruit. Overall, its aromatic profile can be described as sweet and fruity with overtones of mango scents. When smoked, you will easily notice hints of earthiness and skunkiness that complements the sweetness. Similarly, this strain also provides a flavor that is similar to the fruit. However, it is more spicy with the peppery undertones.

The effects of this high start with a mental buzz that is more calming and relaxing rather than the usual invigorating and exciting one. It induces happiness and creative focus. At the same time, it delivers a body numbing sensation that starts from the temples down to the core and to the extremities. As the high progress, you will feel lazy, lethargic, sleepy, and soon couch-locked. You will also get the munchies while smoking this strain, so it is best to keep some snacks when the situation calls for it.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Papaya

The Papaya marijuana strain is widely known in the medicinal community for its ability to control symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. It is also used to treat patients suffering from PTSD symptoms. Its sedative and analgesic properties, on the other hand, makes it a great pain reliever for a number of body aches and pains. Headaches, migraines, muscle tremors, joint pains, and even fibromyalgia can be easily treated using this bud. Because it can induce the munchies, the Papaya strain is also beneficial to patients with eating disorders or poor appetite.

Negative Effects of Papaya

Due to its high THC content, the Papaya marijuana strain is known to cause paranoia, dizziness, and anxiety when used in high doses. You should always use this strain with caution. Typical cannabis reactions, dry eyes, and dry mouth are also some effects of this strain. Both are fairly mild and can easily be managed by keeping yourself hydrated throughout the high.

Growing Papaya

This strain can be grown indoors and outdoors. However, it thrives well in controlled settings where the environmental factors can be manipulated to encourage faster and greater yield. When cultivated indoors, the plant can be grown using the Sea of Green method. The hydro medium or soil medium both works well for the plant. For successful outdoor cultivation, it requires a Mediterranean climate to thrive. It is generally easy to grow plants that can produce moderate to high yields in as fast as 8 to 9 weeks.