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Panzer Kush

Panzer Kush

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Panzer Kush cannabis strain is a cross between Glass Slipper and Purple Pantera cannabis. Its flavor is rich with earthy undertones that are accompanied by gassy, grape, and pine note.

Flavor and Effects of Panzer Kush Strain

Considering its effect that gives you intense euphoric high, it takes you to slumber where your couch becomes comfier. The Glass slipper, which is one of the parent buds of Panzer Kush, enable its perfect aroma for the Cannabis.

It has a sweet taste of pine and berry along with the delicious taste of citrus with a musky and robust aftertaste. Due to the high THC percentage of this strain, it is not suitable for beginners. The Sativa alleviates intense euphoria, and it is also undeniably an excellent energy booster. Meanwhile, its Indica allows cerebral effects that make your couch comfier than usual.

Medical Benefits of Panzer Kush Strain

The Panzer Kush Strain is able to lighten up the mood. Therefore it is helpful for persons dealing with stress and depression. It can also be useful for individuals dealing with chronic pain, nausea, insomnia, and even can boost a person’s appetite.

Negative effects of Panzer Kush Strain

The intense THP percentage of Panzer Kush strain may cause headaches and dizziness to those who are not experienced enough to handle this kind of Cannabis. Panzer Kush strain may also include dry throat, dry eyes, and anxiety.

Growing Panzer Kush Strain

Experts recommend this type of Cannabis for a beginner who plans to cultivate on their own. Panzer Kush Strain is a straightforward plant to grow, and it can be either outdoor or indoor. It should be cut off and bend its branches during its vegetative stage. It is also recommended to trim its upper leaves for the sunlight to reach the lower limbs.


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