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Panda OG

Panda OG

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Panda OG is a strain that is a product between OG chem and the infamous Berry Sour Cream.  This is a chemical-flavored strain that has buzzy diesel effects.

It has a sharp fragrance that can permeate the room with its chemical odor once a bag of its flowers is exposed. It has definite buzzes of berry that add to its sugary but intense fragrance.

Flavor and Effects of Panda OG

It has a sweet and sour flavor that will entice your palate.  When inhaled, it has a sweet, berry undertones and when exhaled, it has a spicy aftertaste with a touch of minty flavors. Panda OG is an excellent strain to manage in the late afternoon. It is a lightweight that runs down from the temples and rolls everywhere the body, calming and tranquilizing. It releases knots in the flesh while loosening tension before giving users overspread in intense relaxation.

Medical Benefits of Panda OG

It holds vital remedial content that serves users to manage symptoms of several diseases. It soothes the mind with its calming happiness while improving the mood. Because of this, it can also be utilized as an anti-depressant toward depression.

Negative Effects of Panda OG

It can leave a dry eyes and a cottonmouth as it has a content called cannabinoids that interferes with the production of saliva. Excessive use may trigger anxieties and will cause dehydration.

Growing Panda OG Some information and Tips

Panda OG is a firm and tall type of cannabis. It can endure different climates because of its sturdy posture.  For a better yield, consider planting this cannabis during sunny days.