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Panama Red x Cokkies  Cream

Panama Red x Cokkies & Cream

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The Panama X Cookies & Cream is an excellent result of the mixed, crossbred genetic of Cookies & Cream and pure Panama Red. It shows a balanced Indica and Sativa characteristics.

It grows fast and produces vigorous branches and stems. Its buds are dense and potent which is covered with snow-like trichomes. It also grows in an average to tall height depending on the growing condition.

Flavor and Effects of Panama X Cokkies & Cream

This strain consists of multiple flavors of inherited from its parent strains. You can taste sweet vanilla, cookies and cream with earthy and hash undertones. It gives instant energy and high in the head. It takes you to a creative, holly, and happy mood that gradually turns to a relaxing feeling.

What are the Medical Effects of Panama X Cokkies & Cream

The combination of its genetics brings therapeutic effects that are used mainly as a pain reliever and a good reliever of stress, social anxiety, depression, and even insomnia. It treats chronic pains, muscle spasms, migraine and inflammation.

Negative Effects of the Panama X Cokkies & Cream

The negative effects affect most of your behavior and your capacity to think well and straight. However, you can expect an immediate dryness of the mouth and eyes, fuzzy vision, and insatiable hunger. It can make you paranoid, act strangely, and experience mood swings.

Growing the Panama X Cokkies & Cream

This type of cannabis can be cultivated directly in soil or in a growing medium such as hydroponic or SOG. It can grow in an outdoor climate but is most suitable in a cool to semi-humid areas. It grows tall and can be cut and prune. Make sure to give water from time to time and placed it under a 12-hour cycle of light during its first stages.

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